Chain reaction machine

/ʧeɪn riˈækʃən məˈʃin/


  1. A chain reaction machine is a machine that uses physics to create chain reactions that accomplish a simple task in a very complex manner.

Ruberg is a VR puzzle game where you build wacky chain reaction machines to solve fun, intricate puzzles. Your machines will use gadgets and objects to launch, bump, twist, and turn—creating crazy chain reactions that may even end up tearing apart the fabric of space-time.

Launching Early 2019

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Planned Features

Story Mode (Puzzle Mode)
Uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of a brilliant mad scientist. Where did he go? What was he building? And why was he so secretive about it? Solve the puzzles he’s left for you to build what he’s built and explore a world of infinite possibilities.

Sandbox Mode
Build your dream chain reaction machine without any rules but the rules of physics. Best of yet, don’t worry about stepping on any sharp pieces or cleaning up afterwards! When you’re done, share your masterpiece and/or experience the engineering marvels of others.

  • Design and build your own machines
  • Choose from 30+ unique gadgets to build with
  • Pin gadgets onto walls & furniture
  • Arrange tool panels to create your optimal workspace
  • Save & load your machine
  • Easily undo or redo your mistakes
  • Share your machine online to others
  • Launch other people's machines

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