Rube Goldberg machine

/rub ˈgoʊld bɜrg məˈʃin/


  1. A Rube Goldberg machine is a machine that uses a chain reaction to accomplish a simple task in a very complex manner.

Ruberg is a virtual reality sandbox game that lets you build your dream Rube Goldberg machine and share them with others.

Pre-Alpha available for download on

Download Pre-Alpha

Pre-Alpha Features

  • Launch a pre-built ruberg (short for 'Rube Goldberg Machine')
  • Choose from 27 unique gadgets to build with
  • Glue gadgets onto walls & furniture
  • Delete unwanted gadgets
  • Clear the room by deleting all gadgets
  • Locomote around the room
  • Set quality settings
  • Music by Jeremy Lim Music

Upcoming Features

  • Save & load your ruberg
  • Share your work with others (via Steam Workshop)
  • Launch other people's work
  • Scaling of gadgets
  • Gadget-to-gadget gluing
  • Undo & redo

Final Version Coming Early 2018

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